2023 Annual Report

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Hey Everyone,

When we established OCL as a nonprofit this year, our bylaws required that I provide an annual report to my fellow board members to update them on our financial situation at the end of the year. However, we thought it would be a good idea to let the rest of the community in on our situation and provide some transparency. We don't *have* to produce an annual report for our members, but we'd really like to. You should all understand how we serve the community and what our goals are.

I'm thinking that some attendees may believe that we make a ton of money from our equipment sales at conferences, but don't realize that we sell not far above our margin. We haven't been in this to make a profit. We want to grow the community and give everyone access to knowledge and materials they need to learn and grow.

Please review our annual report, and if you can see your way to help us grow by attending meetings, volunteering for us, or contributing your donations so we can offer more to our community we would appreciate it.

OCL 2023 Annual Report

Yours, Patrick