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Oak City Locksport is focused on fun and education, not creating new criminals. It's also far more likely that a criminal will break a window or kick in a door than take time to pick a lock!

Is learning to pick locks and possessing lock picks legal in the state of North Carolina where we are based? You bet! BUT, you've got to make sure to follow a few simple rules:

• Do not pick a lock you rely upon. The lock may be damaged in your practice and stop functioning.

• Do not pick a lock you do not own unless given explicit permission. Always warn the owner that it's possibe damage may occur.

• Do not offer services or receive compensation for picking a lock unless you are licensed as a Locksmith in the state of North Carolina (NC GS 74F).

• Use your powers for good, not evil. Do not share your skills with those you suspect will lockpick to commit a crime.

• Possession of lock picks with intent to break into a home or business is escalated up to a Class I Felony (NC GS 14-55) - though, the state has to prove intent