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Lockpicking Forums

Lockpicking 101

Reddit r/lockpicking

Reddit r/locksmith

Locksmith Reference

Locksmith Security Association Of Michigan

Reading / Reference Materials

Lockpicking Laws Reference - best site I've seen, from TOOOL. IANAL, do your own research, but this is a great start

OCL Pin Tumbler Picking for Acorns

The OCL Guide To Cuff Picking

OCL Lock Repinning Workshop Guide

Deviant Ollam's site

Deviant's GitHub on Decoding keys and pinning charts

The Lock Wiki

Cracking Master Combo Locks

MIT Lockpicking Guide

Locksport International Guide to Lock Picking

Secrets of Lockpicking by Steven Hampton

Single Pin Picking by "The Amazing King"

YouTube Channels & Conference Videos

Oak City Locksport

Lockpicking Lawyer

Bosnian Bill

Schuyler Towne's Lockpicking Introduction - highly recommended!

Patrick McNeil - The Right Way To Do Wrong

Howard Payne & Deviant Ollam - This Key is Your Key, This Key is My Key - common key systems

I'll Let Myself In: Tactics of Physical Pen Testers - a must watch

DEF CON 22 - Deviant Ollam & Howard Payne - Elevator Hacking - From the Pit to the Penthouse

Copying Keys from Photos, Molds, & More

Lock Noob

ITS Tactical - Escape, Evasion, & Lockpicking Playlist

Lockpicking Tools

Southern Specialties

Hard Case Survival


Peterson Locksmith Tools

Sparrows Lock Picks

Lock Pick Shop

Madbob Picks

Lockpicks.com for inexpensive lock cores

CLK Supplies for pins and stuff

Hodge Products, Inc for locks