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The lock library is available to active members of Oak City Locksport who attend our meetings. Lock loans are solely at the discretion of Patrick, and only to members who have signed a Loan Agreement. Any locks in the Oak City Locksport general kit can be loaned out, but there are also specific locks that can only be used with a checkout from the library. Some locks may require specialized picking tools, which are also available from the library.

Members who check out a lock will be asked (but NOT required) to provide a Wiki entry with pictures, video, or a writeup on their experience with the lock they check out.

If you'd like to contribute a writeup on these locks or any other topic, email patrick -at- oakcitylocksport.com to get a Wiki account.

Please review the Lock Loaner Agreement for the full details.

Lock Library Locks

Master 570 (Qty 4)

Abus 41/40

Abus EC75 75/40

Abus 55/40

Abus 72/40

Abus Titalium 64TI/50

Abus Diskus 28/60

Master 931

Master 6840 Pro Series

Best Original 7 pin SFIC w/key and control key (Qty 2)

Mul-T-Lock Junior


Generic Euro Profile Dimple Cylinder

Alex 40mm Disc Detainer

Golden Lotus 90mm Shutter Lock

Generic Cruciform Mortise Cylinder (Qty 2)

Lock Library Tools

DANIU 14pcs Dimple Pick Set

DANIU Disk Detainer Pick Qty 2

DANIU Adjustable Cross Lock Pick Set of 3